Lunch 4/23/2012


Patty melt with hash browns
Ann’s Coffee Shop
Menlo Park, CA

The Great Patty Melt Challenge.
This sandwich was quite different from the one I had on Saturday. The onions were nearly whole, and just barely softened, there were two slices of cheese to make it extra melty, and it was served on a dark rye, which was a little soggy. I really did not like how I had to bite through the onions. Some lady was watching me eat them rather messily and I could tell it was not a pretty sight. I had my choice of sides, but they didn’t have fries so I had hash browns. Those were ok, but probably not the best choice.

Patty: 3.5
Cheese: 4 (for extra melty)
Onions: 2
Bread: 2.5
Side: 2.5
Experience: 3

Overall: 2.92


Lunch 1/25/2012


The Pac-10 meal w/sweet potato fries
The Axe and Palm
Stanford, CA

As you guys will come to find out – I love TAP! The Pac-10 is a beef burger with BBQ, onion rings, cheddar and bacon. The bacon is thick and hearty, and I add avocado. So.freaking.good. (the bun is usually a little dry, though).