Dinner 4/24/2012


Moroccan inspired curry chicken, rice, sautéed zucchini, avocado
My apartment
East Palo Alto, CA

This is one of my signature crock pot dishes. I’d thought I’d share it with you. It’s cooked in the crock pot and it’s delicious! 🙂


Dinner 4/19/2012 (and a little movie review)



Movie popcorn with butter, Dreyers mint n’ chip and cookies n’ cream ice cream on a waffle cone
Cinemark theaters to see Blue Like Jazz
Mountain View, CA

This movie was not your average movie, and junk food is not your average dinner. But sometimes, I need a break from average, and both this dinner and movie, Blue Like Jazz, got me and my companion out of my rut of normalcy. While we talked at length about life, doing faith in Jesus at Stanford, community and ministry and love over our ice cream (which really hit the spot, BTW) I realized something about this movie: it reminded me very much of my ice cream. Both are unpretentious (no pinkberry or fancy gelato for me, thankyouverymuch) and familiar. I’m a decade older than those students and I still understand the internal conflict of the protagonist. Sometimes I feel like I’m a generic mint n’ chip lost in a sea of Ben and Jerry’s array of endless flavors. Do I try to add Oreos with my cookies n’ cream to become like a B&J flavor, or do I just stand on my own? And my answer lied in my waffle cone: if I did, I’d become messy and fall out and melt. Then, no one would be happy, not even my lesbian friend. So, maybe I should accept that I’m mint n ‘ chip – cool and sweet with a touch of something that people crave – and let that truth permeate what I do, rather than try to be some crazy concoction to become more popular, even if it’s just for a season. This movie is modest, and portrays a common struggle with a triumphant ending, one that I’ve never seen on film before. I will definitely be having movie night with it. And, I’ll bring a pint if mint n’ chip to share.

Dinner 1/20/2012


Beef Brisket with baked mac n’cheese, brussels sprouts and hush puppies.
Pilsner and rye whiskey
Southpaw BBQ
Mission district, San Francisco, CA

There was a large variety of BBQ sauces to choose from, the vinegary North Carolina was the perfect accompaniment. Also, the bartender who served us, Rick, was quite friendly an knowledgable and the surrounding patrons were quite friendly as well.