Dinner 1/20/2012


Beef Brisket with baked mac n’cheese, brussels sprouts and hush puppies.
Pilsner and rye whiskey
Southpaw BBQ
Mission district, San Francisco, CA

There was a large variety of BBQ sauces to choose from, the vinegary North Carolina was the perfect accompaniment. Also, the bartender who served us, Rick, was quite friendly an knowledgable and the surrounding patrons were quite friendly as well.

I take pictures

A lot of pictures of food. If you go to my mobile uploads album on facebook, 75% of it is food. So, I decided to showcase what I think is delicious. I’m going to let this blog evolve naturally at first. It might turn into a nearly everything I eat, or just my more delicious and unusual adventures. I’ll do minimal captions, unless something warrants a review (cough, cough, The French Laundry)

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Enjoy and be inspired!